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+50 Years experience. Intercom Private Investigators is a modern and efficient organization, which employs outstanding and prestigious professionals with an impresive background in their task.

Who We Are

INTERCOM Private Investigators Argentina

Agency of Surveillance and Investigations based in Argentina, with more than 50 years in the market, providing help for individuals, corporations, small and medium businesses, law firms and insurance companies. Over the years, we have helped many corporate and individual clients to obtain the evidence that has given them the ability to make well informed decisions.

Our Agency

Intercom Private Investigator Argentina

Our Agency

Intercom Private Investigators Argentina is a dynamic team of professionals with over 50 years of investigative experience dedicated to serving Investigation needs of businesses and individuals. The main office of our company is based in Buenos Aires - Argentina. Intercom Private Investigators Argentina provide our clients with services ranging from criminal defense investigations to covert surveillances.

Services for Individuals

In Intercom Private Investigators, We take the time to get to know your individual needs and to offer advice and support which will encourage you to make informed decisions. Whether you require surveillance for matrimonial matters, a process server to serve court documents, trace people or a fraud investigator, we have many years carrying out various private investigations.

Services for Companies

Intercom Private Investigators Argentina. If a business associate might be trying to defraud you or a employee is being disloyal, before you can confront someone with whom you have a relationship, you must have all of the facts. Whether it's carrying out observations on a cheating partner, surveillance on a dishonest employee or following someone you wish to know more about, we will provide you with the information and evidence you require.

Honesty and Prestige

1984 Ad in Yellow Pages

In the image, you can see an advertisement for our agency in the yellow pages of the Argentine telephone directory from 1984.

On Facebook since 2008

We have presence in Social Networks since 2008, in the following link, you can see a post from our agency on Facebook from 2008.

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We have had our main website indexed on Google since 2001 for more than 20 years.

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We couldn't be in business for so long if we didn't offer quality products and services.

Our Services for individuals and companies

We provide a full range of investigations and surveillance services.

We work across Argentina and throughout SouthAmerica (Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia).

Fake Social Media Account.

Cheating and Infidelity.

Background Investigations.

Missing Persons | Locate Heirs.

Video/Photo Surveillance.

Attorney Support.

Insurance Investigation.

Background Investigations.

Carry out surveillance on an employee.

Pre-Employment Screening Surveillance.

Corporate Intelligence.

Insight Investigations

Discreet Surveillance

Investigations to Find People

Tracing Debtors

Company Background Checks

Insurance Claim Investigations

Relationship Investigatons


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Esmeralda 740 Street - ZIP C1007ABH
Buenos Aires - Argentina


+54 9 11 7361-1943

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